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Petface Dog Care & Hygiene

To make sure that your dog is thriving and happy, it is important that you stock up on some of these top quality Petface dog hygiene accessories. Here you will find all the necessary items to look after your dog's coat and keep their general well-being at a sky high level!

Have a look through all the options an you will find plenty of useful accessories to keep your dog's coat lush and healthy. From large rubber cushion brushes to slicker brushes to large bristle brushes, there are lots products here intended to make the matter of grooming that much easier.

It is very important that you brush your dog regularly, as it stops painful matting which can cause skin irritation, it helps make it easier to spot any issues such as parasites, it means that loose hairs are not shed all over the house, it calms your dog...the list goes on!

There is not only an array of brushes here but also you can buy an ultra hygienic dog shampoo too! This is mildly scented and is really easy to wash away, leaving your dog's coat smelling and feeling fresh and clean. On top of that, there are also poop scoops and bags, for the slightly less glamorous, but just as important side of your dog's hygiene.

Large Bristle Brush Large Bristle Brush
1 in stock
This Large Bristle Brush is ideal for removing dead hair, knots and tangles. The nylon bristles are a great way of stimulating your pet's skin and help to distribute the natural oils which are essential in maintaining a healthy, shiny coat. You should groom your pet regularly, especially during the moulting season or before bathing; this will help to ensure that your pet remains in tip top conditi…
Large Rubber Cushion Brush Large Rubber Cushion Brush
1 in stock
Large Rubber Cushion Brush.
Medium Tooth Comb Medium Tooth Comb
9 in stock
Medium Tooth Comb.
Petface Degradable Poop Bags - 50 pack Petface Degradable Poop Bags - 50 pack
18 in stock
Degradable Poop Bags - 50pack.


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