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Canagan Dog Food

Canagan dog food is a complete diet which contains everything that dogs need to remain, fit, healthy and full of life. Each variety features the finest blends of natural ingredients and is free of both grains and artificial preservatives. Dogs love the smell and the taste of Canagan dog foods which include chicken, game and salmon varieties.

Canagan balanced diet food for dogs

Canagan is the Celtic word for young wolf. All species of dog are descended from grey wolves and their dietary needs haven’t changed a great deal since domestication. Canagan dog food is formulated to fulfil those needs by replicating the nutritional content of the canine ancestral diet. Each food features the correct balance of meat protein, fat, carbohydrate and other nutrients.

Most pet foods contain grains but dogs lack the enzyme amylase and so cannot fully digest them. Grains are, therefore, of little nutritional value to dogs and are generally included in foods merely to bulk then out and to keep costs down. But this is a false economy for owners as dogs need to eat more of these poor-quality foods to meet their nutritional needs. Some dogs have allergic reactions to grains including itchy skin and upset stomachs.

The Canagan chicken, game and salmon dog foods are simply packed with the vitamins, minerals and proteins that dogs need to help them thrive. The foods are created from responsibly sourced meats and fish and would almost certainly be the foods that your dog would choose for himself.

Canagan Country Game for Dogs 12Kg Canagan Country Game for Dogs 12Kg
1 in stock
Canagan Country Game for Dogs 12Kg PRODUCT INFORMATION Canagan Country Game is the defining statement in grain free nutrition. With even higher levels of super digestible protein delivered by an unprecedented selection of delicious natural ingredients. Our freshly prepared duck and venison are produced to an equivalent human food standard and are perfectly complimented with vegetables and botanica…
Canagan Large Breed Free Range Chicken for Dogs 2Kg Canagan Large Breed Free Range Chicken for Dogs 2Kg
1 in stock
Canagan Free-Range Chicken is a special grain free dog food formulated by our experts to deliver nutrition, close to their ancestral diet, with the correct ratio of protein to carbohydrate and a host of vegetables and botanicals. This carefully balanced, nutrient dense formula will excite your dog's taste buds and give them the abundance of highly digestible protein demanded by their evolutionary…


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