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Johnsons Herb Seeds

johnsons Herb Seeds

Having your own herb garden is a wonderful thing. You can save time and money whilst also feeling a rewarding sense of self-sufficiency. You don't even need much space to do it, and all you really need is some seeds. Happily, this collection of Johnsons herb seeds will have everything that you could want!

Have a look through the range and you will see Rosemary, Tarragon, Oregano, Garlic Chives and much more! Just browsing through the different options brings to mind dozens of recipes that will benefit from the gorgeous flavours which these herbs will offer.

Click on whichever herb seed takes your fancy and you will then see some helpful information on when the herbs will grow, where it is best to grow them and when it is that they will be ready to harvest. There is information not only for outdoor growing but also indoor growing, for many of these are extremely versatile in how they are cultivated.

Growing herbs, once you start, becomes something which can give you a great feeling of contentedness. Being able to use your own home grown ingredients makes cooking that much more enjoyable, and the convenience of having such an abundant supply of all the best herbs without having to constantly replenish your stocks is something which becomes highly rewarding in the long term.

Johnsons Garlic Chives Seeds Johnsons Garlic Chives Seeds
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Johnsons Garlic Chives are a decorative and versatile herb, with a mild garlic flavour. A decorative herb with attractive white flowers and fleshy, mild garlic flavoured leaves, which are great in salads, stir-fries or finely chopped in cream cheese or omelettes. Height: 30cm Plant Class: Hardy Perennial (HP) For indoors in pots, sowing is all year round. For outdoor sowing, March to May. Sow thin…


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